Citing ‘new spirit’ at UNESCO, Israeli envoy wants to rethink withdrawal

Hacohen says we should at least consider a 'certain delay' before quitting … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy urges UN Security Council to reject Arab-backed Gaza resolution

Says Kuwait's bid for international force 'only reinforces Hamas terrorism' … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy: ’UNHRC is world’s leading BDS activist’

‘Human Rights Commissioner is seeking to harm Israel’ … [Read more...]

At UNESCO, Syria complains of Israeli archeological digs – inside Syria

Israeli envoy calls allegations ‘ludicrous’ … [Read more...]

PLO envoy to UNHRC: Buying settlement products abets an act of war

Israeli envoy: Panel needs therapy to treat obsession with Israel … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy Prosor says ‘J’accuse’ to UN, slams the body’s hypocrisy

Says UN debate on Palestinian rights is really about condemning Israel … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy to UN General Assembly: Israel is used to terrorist threats

Prosor: For 66 years Israel has been under constant threats … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy to US distances Danon after his Kerry slight

Dermer: Danon's views do not reflect the government of Israel … [Read more...]

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