How Israeli Christians are coping with the wave of terrorism

How the 166,000 Christians living in Israel fit into the picture … [Read more...]

Expert: Waves of violence against minorities in Egypt will increase

Muslim Brotherhood taking out its loses on country’s Christians … [Read more...]

Netanyahu touts pluralism in Christmas greeting to Israel’s growing Christian community

Jerusalem World News wishes its readers a very Merry Christmas … [Read more...]

Israel’s Christian community continues to grow

There are 158,000 Christians living in Israel, constituting 2 percent of the population … [Read more...]

Christians thrive in Israel

Israel's Christian population has grown over 1,000 percent since 1948 … [Read more...]

Israel’s Christians have lowest fertility, highest job rate

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Israel’s Christian community numbers just about 155,000, or about 2 percent of the country’s population, but they stand out by their academic excellence and high employment. They also … [Read more...]

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