Israel-Hamas cease-fire to last a year, deal includes sea lane to Cyprus

Lebanese TV says Israel to control security over cargo to Gaza … [Read more...]

Head of Egyptian intelligence visits Israel to discuss Gaza truce

Maj. Gen. Abbas Kamel also to meet with Abbas in West Bank … [Read more...]

No early election

There is no justifiable reason for Israel to go to an early election … [Read more...]

Israel says Gaza calm brokered with Hamas, but no ‘real’ deal without captives

Quiet returns to the border and goods crossing reopens … [Read more...]

Gaza tension

Israel has to convey both strength and readiness to help Gaza … [Read more...]

Israel lauds US reimposition of sanctions on Iran

Netanyahu calls it ‘important moment’ for world … [Read more...]

Meet Kasanesh Yeshinah. Israelis helped her build a life. She faces deportation

Fleeing Ethiopia and child marriage, she graduated university in Israel … [Read more...]

Gaza’s future

Netanyahu stayed in Israel in case of a breakthrough in negotiations … [Read more...]

Liberman accuses Hamas of sending kids to launch incendiary balloons from homes

Says Israel should stop targeting 'pawns' and instead hit their commanders … [Read more...]

Spa and game room found at 1,700-year-old pottery workshop in Israel

With 20 hot and cold baths and a kitted-out break room … [Read more...]

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