Netanyahu: If we are not in the Jordan Valley, Iran will be

Says Israel won’t accept spillover fire from Syria … [Read more...]

IDF tanks strike Syrian army post after errant mortar fire

Israel won't tolerate violations of sovereignty along border … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, Putin talk Syria tensions as Iran threatens from Damascus

Liberman says Israel can deal with challenge of Iran in Syria … [Read more...]

Haley to UN Security Council: Don’t turn a blind eye to Iran

UN envoy Danon says Israel will be a fierce enemy if attacked by Iran … [Read more...]

Israel finishes advancing 2,600 West Bank homes as settlers push for more

1,323 units okayed as settlers protest outside PM's residence … [Read more...]

Israel pumps new water-saving push, as Sea of Galilee dives to century low

Massive use of desalination has lulled the public into complacency … [Read more...]

Will Israel hold Abbas responsible for Hamas attacks?

Most think Hamas will not lay down its arms … [Read more...]

Israel launches plan to defend Jerusalem in international arena

Heritage Ministry wants to expose capital’s past and present … [Read more...]

Israel: Hamas must disarm, or reconciliation means nothing

Palestinian Authority must not let Hamas ‘Lebanonize’ Gaza … [Read more...]

Defense minister: In next war, Israel will face fighting in north and south

Liberman says Syria and Lebanon now one unified front … [Read more...]

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