Israel pulls fighter jets from drill in Alaska amid tensions with Iran

Air force ‘adjusts’ its participation ‘in light of situational assessment’ … [Read more...]

Goliath vs David: The 2018 Version

Is there anything Israel can do to avoid losing soft-power wars? … [Read more...]

Don’t mess with us

Israel can avoid using force by building up its deterrent presence … [Read more...]

In Vienna, rogue Likud MK urges Israel to lift boycott on Austrian FM

Yehudah Glick slams Foreign Ministry ban on meeting far-right ministers … [Read more...]

Israel will soon clear 4,000 land mines at Qasr al-Yahud baptism site

Demining effort on banks of Jordan could begin within six weeks … [Read more...]

Palestinians cheer downing of F-16, warn Israel not to attack Gaza

Hamas raises state of alert along Gaza border amid tension in North … [Read more...]

Riding high after ISIS defeat, Iranian axis tries its luck with Israel, US

Tehran and allies hail start of a 'new era' with downing of Israeli jet … [Read more...]

Israel appoints new envoy to Jordan, moving on after diplomatic crisis

Amir Weissbrod to replace Einat Schlein, who left after shooting incident … [Read more...]

Israel said to strike weapons plant near Damascus

Some missiles hit near site linked to chemical weapons production … [Read more...]

Gaza solutions

Israel should take some steps to alleviate the suffering of Gazans … [Read more...]

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