US, Israel hold first conference to boost Arab participation in tech sector

Arab Israelis hold 3% of R&D jobs though they are some 20% of population … [Read more...]

Lebanon says Israel gave no evidence of Hezbollah attack tunnels

But notes Israel can do whatever it wants on its side of border … [Read more...]

Jesus’s image, hidden in plain sight at Negev church, is one of earliest in Israel

Faint painting found in 6th century Byzantine church in Shivta village … [Read more...]

Israel, Hamas agree to cease-fire after almost 500 rockets fired from Gaza

IDF strikes over 160 targets in Gaza, 93 Israelis treated for injuries … [Read more...]

Israel says Mossad tipped off Danes to Iranian assassination plot

Plan was to kill Iranian opposition figures in the Scandinavian country … [Read more...]

Khashoggi disliked Israel, but his brutal murder puts Jerusalem in tough spot

The Jewish state needs a strong Saudi Arabia to help confront Iran … [Read more...]

A pluralist approach

Israel must respect not only the haredi minority, but also progressive Jews … [Read more...]

Israel, Gaza brace for Friday protests as region lurches between war and calm

Jerusalem to respond harshly to renewed violence after rocket attack … [Read more...]

IDF releases footage of Gaza tunnel discovery, destruction

Israel accuses Hamas of diverting funds from residents for terrorism … [Read more...]

Erdan rejects US student’s promise not to promote BDS while in Israel

Minister says she failed to recant or vow not to boost BDS in the future … [Read more...]

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