Israel Navy conducts joint drill in French waters

INS ‘Eilat’ and ‘Kidon’ dock in Toulon as French battleships dock in Haifa … [Read more...]

Israel Navy conducts surprise undersea war drill

Aimed at turning flotilla into more formidable fighting force … [Read more...]

Would-be Gaza blockade runners detained and ordered deported

The ‘Zaytouna-Olivia’ seized by the Israel Navy off of Gaza … [Read more...]

Israel Navy preparing for Hamas, Hezbollah rocket and missile threats

Sea-based version of Iron Dome soon to be operational on missile ships … [Read more...]

Israel Navy drill simulates raid against ship taken hostage by ISIS

Red Sea drill follows heightened ISIS activity in Sinai Peninsula … [Read more...]

Israel Navy intercepts Gaza-bound ship, escorts it to Ashdod

Netanyahu praises ‘efficient’ operation by naval commandos   … [Read more...]

Israel Navy intercepts Gaza-bound Iranian arms ship near Port Sudan

Ship carrying Iranian M302 rockets for Hamas being towed to Eilat … [Read more...]

Netanyahu says Gaza-bound activists aimed to provoke, slander Israel

IDF brings ‘Estelle’ into Ashdod Port, finds no humanitarian equipment onboard … [Read more...]

Israel Navy prepares to intercept Gaza blockade runner

Ship sailing from Italy attempting to break security naval blockade around Gaza … [Read more...]

Would-be blockade runners intercepted

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Two small yachts attempting to break Israel’s arms blockade on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip were peacefully intercepted by the Israel Navy on Friday. Navy commandos seized the … [Read more...]

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