Blue Flag and Gaza

‘This is an important coalition,’ said senior Israel Air Force officer involved in drill … [Read more...]

Israel Air Force gets first Ethiopian pilot

Lt. Y will be a combat navigator after completing pilots course … [Read more...]

Netanyahu warns Iran, Hamas of ‘tremendous firepower’ of Israel Air Force

IAF chief: Israeli jets have been operating on five fronts in recent months … [Read more...]

Israel Air Force flies farther thanks to Brazil deal

Israel's fleet of Boeing 707 tanker aircraft is nearing 60 years old … [Read more...]

Israel enters new era of missile defense with Arrow-3

Israel Air Force receives operational ballistic missile interceptors … [Read more...]

Israel Air Force takes part in US drill with Pakistan, United Arab Emirates

IAF's long-range capabilities sharpened during flight to Red Flag drill … [Read more...]

Israel Air Force strikes Gaza cell planting bomb on border fence

Palestinians report one Gazan killed, three wounded … [Read more...]

Israel Air Force said to strike targets in Syria near Lebanese border

Area serves as major transit point for Hezbollah fighters, equipment … [Read more...]

Israel Air Force strikes targets in Gaza after rocket fire

Aircraft target Hamas terrorist outposts in retaliatory strike … [Read more...]

Israel Air Force posts selfie of the century

IDF goes above and beyond in joining latest photo trend … [Read more...]

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