Pakistan’s top court to decide Asia Bibi’s fate as Muslim extremists demand her death

Islamists call for Christian woman’s blasphemy acquittal to be overturned … [Read more...]

Islamists abduct hundreds of Egyptian Christian girls

Abductions, forced marriages and conversions documented … [Read more...]

Islamists kill 800 Christians, Muslims; destroy 16 churches in Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen terrorists rampage in last months of 2016 … [Read more...]

Islamists attack 200 Christians at Indonesian church

Harass and drive off priest for reading the Bible … [Read more...]

With Egypt’s blessing, Israel reportedly conducting drone strikes in Sinai

Former Israeli official quoted on bombing runs against Islamists … [Read more...]

Christian woman dies from wounds suffered in Pakistan Easter terrorist bombing

One of nearly 80 killed and more than 300 people wounded by Islamists … [Read more...]

For Pakistani Christians, persecution goes beyond terrorist attacks

3 million Christians face economic marginalization by Islamists … [Read more...]

Islamists kill at least seven in southern Somali attack

Al-Qaida-allied group attacks officials in bid to topple the Western regime … [Read more...]

Hamas tightens grip on Gaza as reconstruction stalls

Islamists still more popular than Fatah in Gaza and West Bank, poll shows … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians say there’s no going home after rise of Islamic State

Islamists offered conversion, payment of extortionate tax, or death … [Read more...]

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