Egyptian Christian convert returns to Islam After two years in prison

Radical Muslim leaders called for Hegazy to be killed as an apostate … [Read more...]

Muslims attending Catholic mass across France

In solidarity with Christians, they insist 'Islam did not kill priest' … [Read more...]

ISIS wins when you are silent

Terrorism that targets mosques and Muslims has nothing to do with Islam … [Read more...]

Muslims converting to Christianity in Saudi Arabia despite intense persecution

Saudis restrict the public expression of any religion other than Islam … [Read more...]

Woman who survived five weeks in Boko Haram camp speaks for first time

Forced to watch killings and submit to captors’ demands to follow Islam … [Read more...]

Israeli policy against Islamist groups disjointed

Netanyahu lumps together Islamist groups that threaten Israel    … [Read more...]

Whatever hate preachers say, nothing in Islam justifies stabbing innocent Jews

‘No courage in stabbing unsuspecting Jews, only cowardice and venom’ … [Read more...]

Another Christian laborer accused of blasphemy against Islam in Pakistan

In Pakistan, blasphemy is punishable by death … [Read more...]

Everything you always wanted to know about Islam, but were afraid to ask

Imam Abdullah Antepli handles questions with candor and equanimity … [Read more...]

Only Muslims can change the world’s view of Islam

Terrorism today stems primarily from Muslims in the name of Islam … [Read more...]

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