ISIS claims deadly attack on pre-Christmas church service in Pakistan

9 die as suicide bomber detonates at gate while accomplice fires … [Read more...]

Iraqi-Kurdish violence could push Christians who survived ISIS ‘to flee for good’

Fresh large-scale fighting could further drain the region of Christians … [Read more...]

Iraqi Army: ISIS used Mosul church to enslave Yazidi girls and women

Some 200 girls and women imprisoned as sex slaves … [Read more...]

Locals in Iraqi Christian town destroyed by ISIS stay to protect the ruins

In hope their families and neighbors might one day safely return home … [Read more...]

ISIS slays Christian barber as slaughter in Egypt continues

Shot to death inside his shop by four masked gunmen … [Read more...]

ISIS takes aim at Egypt’s soft underbelly: fragile Muslim-Christian relations

New strategy in attack on St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai … [Read more...]

Christians will have a future in Syria if ISIS can be defeated

Some 400,000 people have died in Syria's six-year conflict … [Read more...]

ISIS sends 7-year-old suicide bomber among Iraqis fleeing Mosul

A video shows Iraqi soldier disarming boy’s suicide vest … [Read more...]

ISIS sets up checkpoints in Egypt’s northern Sinai

Posts across El-Arish show defiance against crackdown by Egypt … [Read more...]

ISIS dumped thousands of bodies in a desert sinkhole

100-foot-wide sinkhole became a site for summary executions … [Read more...]

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