ISIS sets up checkpoints in Egypt’s northern Sinai

Posts across El-Arish show defiance against crackdown by Egypt … [Read more...]

ISIS dumped thousands of bodies in a desert sinkhole

100-foot-wide sinkhole became a site for summary executions … [Read more...]

What do the warning shots from Sinai mean?

ISIS behind two rockets fired at Israel on Monday … [Read more...]

Prioritizing Christian refugees only helps ISIS purge Christianity

Leaders call on Christians to stay in the region and return to their homes … [Read more...]

21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS honored for refusing to deny Christ

ISIS infamous ‘A Message Signed With Blood to the Nation of the Cross’ … [Read more...]

ISIS’ ‘sickening’ genocide against Christians: Why is the UN still silent?

UN must defend the rights of all religious minorities … [Read more...]

ISIS kills 10-year-old girl using flesh-ripping torture device

Punishment for leaving home unaccompanied by a male family member … [Read more...]

ISIS chops off hands of two children who refused to kill captives

10- and 12-year-old would not kill victims in front of their families … [Read more...]

Sex slave survivor raped by 12 men

'What ISIS did to us can't be mentioned' … [Read more...]

ISIS burns mother and four children alive for fleeing ‘caliphate’

'Anyone can escape by paying $400 not to face ISIS anymore' … [Read more...]

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