Iraqi Christian: ‘IS made me spit on a cross and convert to Islam’

How to respond when faced with denying one’s faith or death … [Read more...]

ISIS sex slaves ‘cut their wrists, tried to die’ but terrorists kept them alive

3,000 Yazidis rescued from IS by a network of Kurdish smugglers … [Read more...]

Christians on the brink of extinction amid unrelenting genocide in Iraq, Syria

Hundreds of churches destroyed by IS, millions exiled, thousands killed … [Read more...]

NATO security chiefs warn of ISIS plan for nuclear attack on Europe

'Justified concern' IS trying to obtain nuclear and biological materials … [Read more...]

Ex-Libyan intel official: IS has Gaddafi-era chemical weapons

Stockpiles were hidden in secret bases deep in the desert … [Read more...]

Thought Hezbollah gave up on revenge for Kuntar? Think again

Group will have to retaliate for death of arch-terrorist to save face … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king: We won’t allow threat to Arab character of Jerusalem

Abdullah tells UNGA that groups like IS have caused ‘a third world war’ … [Read more...]

Islamic State burns four Iraqi Shiite fighters alive

Gruesome video shows the men strung up on swingset … [Read more...]

Foreign Ministry: Jewish-Israeli man planned to join IS

21-year-old halted on Turkish border with Syria after family tip-off … [Read more...]

IS blows up 2,000-year-old temple in Syria’s Palmyra

Antiquities chief says jihadists destroyed shrine of Baal Shamin … [Read more...]

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