Pain of genocide defines Nineveh Plains

For Iraq’s Christians, the horrific pain of genocide repeats over and over … [Read more...]

Following uproar, Shia leader tries to make amends with Iraq’s Christians

Denies calling for Iraq's Christians to convert to Islam, be killed, or pay tax … [Read more...]

As we eradicate ISIS, Iraq’s Christians, Yizidis need our help now more than ever

The next six months will be the moment of truth for them … [Read more...]

Iraq’s Christians, Yezidi say Kurds failed them in fight against ISIS

Iraq’s beleaguered religious minorities know who their enemies are … [Read more...]

Iraq’s Christians need sanctuary, and the West should provide it

It is time to look for a new strategy to help them fully live … [Read more...]

Iraq’s Christians take up arms to fight Islamic State

Hundreds of Christian men picking up rifles to reclaim their towns … [Read more...]

ISIS trauma has overwhelmed Iraq’s remaining Christians

People will pretend to convert to Islam to avoid losing everything … [Read more...]

Iraq’s Christians facing sword again

Future of one of last Christian communities in Middle East at grave risk … [Read more...]

Escaping ISIS: Iraq’s Christians find refuge at Jordan church

Christians given ultimatum: Convert, leave, or die … [Read more...]

‘The only thing between us and them is the sword’

ISIS persecution of Iraq’s Christians intensifies … [Read more...]

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