From exodus to exodus, Iraqi Christians seek new home

Fleeing jihadists, ponder future from refuge in Jordan, Kurdistan … [Read more...]

ISIS committing ‘slow-motion genocide’ against church, say Iraqi Christians

Islamic State targeting of all non-Sunni Muslim groups … [Read more...]

Tired of being victims, Iraqi Christians arm themselves to fight ISIS

'Talking about Jesus and peace is not enough,' they say … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians angry government abandoned them to ISIS

Left helpless after soldiers fled after the terrorists began their attacks … [Read more...]

As Iraqi Christians flee for their lives, Barack Obama remains silent

President shows cowardice in face of mass killing of Christians … [Read more...]

Islamic State warns Iraqi Christians

‘Face death if you do not embrace Islam or pay tax’ … [Read more...]

Thousands of Iraqi Christians flee as ISIS terrorists burn, loot churches

ISIS warns all women to wear the Islamic veil … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians flee homes amid militant push

Community shrunk from over a million to 450,000 in the past ten years … [Read more...]

Patriarch urges prayer, fasting so Iraqi Christians don’t emigrate

Over the past decade more than a million Christians have left Iraq   … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians’ safety threatened by extremism and instability, says Catholic bishop

Bishop Gregoire Melki fears what happened to Christians in Iraq will happen to Christians in Syria … [Read more...]

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