1,000 Iraqi Christians join Muslim forces against ISIS to liberate Iraq

Form militia to avenge ISIS slaughtering their families, taking their land … [Read more...]

In the face of threats, Iraqi Christians vow to remain in home country

Despite recent abduction of some 200 Assyrian Christians by Islamic State … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians say there’s no going home after rise of Islamic State

Islamists offered conversion, payment of extortionate tax, or death … [Read more...]

Pope Francis to Iraqi Christians of Erbil: Your resistance is martyrdom

Prays for peace and encourages Christians to keep faith … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians to get more government protection, says Chaldean patriarch

Government promises to do more in areas terrorized by Islamic State … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians determined to control their future after fleeing ISIS

Refugees face life-or-death situation in Nineveh Plain … [Read more...]

An eerie calm: Iraqi Christians anxiously ponder their future

‘We are living cautiously; every family is ready to flee’ … [Read more...]

Vicar of Baghdad: US must realize all its intervention has totally been wasted

Iraqi Christians facing one of the worst persecutions in history … [Read more...]

ISIS persecution forces Iraqi Christians to choose

Choice: harassment, unfair taxes, arrests, banishment, or death … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians’ dilemma: Stay or go?

With ISIS threat, thousands of Chaldeans face an agonizing decision … [Read more...]

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