Iraqi Christians worship amid charred church ruins for first time since liberation

A dozen gather at Church of the Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians seek to rebuild ancient heartland

As ISIS uses thousands of hostages as human shields in Mosul … [Read more...]

Is a ‘safe zone’ for Iraqi Christians a good idea?

The idea would be for the safe zone to become a sovereign state … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians ‘feel nobody cares for us,’ says Baghdad bishop

Christians persecuted by Islamic State believe the world has forgotten them … [Read more...]

‘US won’t work with Iraqi Christians for fear of being called ‘Crusader army’

Human rights lawyer: US is ‘so unsympathetic’ to the plight of Christians … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians fear extinction, see no relief from ISIS

Numbers fall to a few hundred thousand from about 1.5 million before 2003 invasion … [Read more...]

Extermination of Christians is ‘genocide,’ religious leaders say

More than 100,000 Iraqi Christians have fled persecution from ISIS … [Read more...]

‘Thank God we are alive’

Iraqi Christians hold on to faith in face of ISIS persecution … [Read more...]

Thousands of Iraqi Christians flee ISIS

Terrorists massacre 2,000 civilians, blast Baghdad with car bombs … [Read more...]

Tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians persecuted by ISIS losing hope

'Hated because we want to exist as Christians' … [Read more...]

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