Iraqi Christians look to reclaim their ancient homes

Expulsion of ISIS from Nineveh Plains gives hope, but they must act fast … [Read more...]

Christians ‘excluded’ from Iraq’s reconstruction plans

Iraqi Christians firmly believe Iraq is their spiritual homeland … [Read more...]

‘Jihadists used our church as a shooting range’

Iraqi Christians return home to devastation … [Read more...]

Their town now liberated, Iraqi Christians talk of life under ISIS

Nearly all fled in the face of demands to convert, pay a tax, or die … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians fear post-ISIS persecution

Uncertain if they will be included in talks on the future … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians want to document ISIS crimes

For over two years, Christian town of Qaraqosh was favorite ISIS abode … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians struggling to survive amid wreckage left by ISIS

Thousands of Syriac Catholics fled for their lives when terrorists invaded … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians worship amid charred church ruins for first time since liberation

A dozen gather at Church of the Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians seek to rebuild ancient heartland

As ISIS uses thousands of hostages as human shields in Mosul … [Read more...]

Is a ‘safe zone’ for Iraqi Christians a good idea?

The idea would be for the safe zone to become a sovereign state … [Read more...]

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