Rouhani, at UN, slams US for supporting ‘inhumane Zionist entity’

Iranian president demands Israel be stripped of nuclear weapons … [Read more...]

Peres, Netanyahu, Livni—and Rouhani—head to Davos

No meeting with Iranian president planned at World Economic Forum … [Read more...]

Obama urges Iranian president to release Pastor Saeed

First time that Obama has spoken out about the imprisonment of Saeed … [Read more...]

Netanyahu slams Rouhani’s UN speech as a ‘cynical PR charade’

Says Iranian leader made ‘no realistic offer to halt nuclear program’ … [Read more...]

‘Israel brought instability to the region,’ says Iranian president

Rouhani accuses Jewish state of ‘war-mongering policies’ … [Read more...]

Iranian president-elect implicated in 1994 Argentina bombing of Jewish center

Indictment names Rohani as part of Khamenei panel that authorized AMIA attack  that killed 85 … [Read more...]

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