Ex-minister likely a spy who knew too little, but Iran still got an intel coup

Recruitment of ex-minister Segev is major win for Israel's arch-foe … [Read more...]

What do the North Korean talks mean for Iran?

Few places will pay closer attention to the Trump-Kim meeting than Tehran … [Read more...]

IDF drops flyers warning Gazans not to join Friday border protests at fence

Calls on Gazans not to be exploited to further goals of Hamas, Iran … [Read more...]

UN envoy Danon: Islamic Republic controls 82,000 fighters in Syria

Says Iran has more than 3,000 Revolutionary Guardsmen in country … [Read more...]

Iran seeks to further isolate Christians by banning foreign social media apps

State driving citizens toward only approved domestic alternatives … [Read more...]

Netanyahu warns Iran, Hamas of ‘tremendous firepower’ of Israel Air Force

IAF chief: Israeli jets have been operating on five fronts in recent months … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia kicks off chess tourney after barring Israeli competitors

While Jewish players excluded, Saudi rivals Iran, Qatar granted visas … [Read more...]

Iran approves death penalty for researcher accused of spying for Israel

Ahmadreza Djalali said involved in assassination of Iranian scientists … [Read more...]

Netanyahu warns Assad: We’ll strike if you let Iran set up bases in Syria

Israeli TV says he conveyed message via third party … [Read more...]

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