IDF releases helmet-cam footage of troops arresting suspected soldier killer

Nabbed two weeks after killing Sgt. Ronen Lubarsky with stone slab … [Read more...]

IDF: Gazan armed with ax shot dead while trying to breach fence

Second would-be infiltrator wounded … [Read more...]

15 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip struck by Israeli Air Force overnight

IDF: If Hamas ‘chooses terrorism...its price will only be steeper’ … [Read more...]

Israeli-made Cormorant drones star in airborne rescue confab

IDF expected to be ‘major customer’ of tactical drones for future wars … [Read more...]

Israel first in the world to conduct strikes with F-35 jet, IDF says after Beirut flypast

IAF commander: ‘We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East’ … [Read more...]

IDF: Iran launched 32 missiles at Israel’s Golan defensive line in early May

First said Iranian Quds Force had launched 20 Fajr-5 and Grad missiles … [Read more...]

Shin Bet, IDF thwart Islamic Jihad attack on navy boats off Gaza coast

Plan to fire at ship, kidnap survivors, in revenge for destroyed tunnel … [Read more...]

IDF suspects anti-tank missile also fired at troops in IED attack

Early-morning assault 'very serious' despite lack of Israeli casualties … [Read more...]

IDF launches nationwide exercise, including mock rocket attack

To improve emergency response capabilities in drill planned in advance … [Read more...]

IDF to recommend Boeing transport helicopter over Sikorsky

Partial funding to come from memorandum of understanding … [Read more...]

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