IDF: Troops mistakenly kill Hamas member who was preventing border breach

Gaza terrorist groups meet to discuss response to death of Hamas officer … [Read more...]

IDF: Officer killed in failed Gaza raid was felled by friendly fire

Special forces operation went awry … [Read more...]

IDF: Women won’t serve in the Armored Corps

Said due to need of ‘significant increase in manpower and infrastructure’ … [Read more...]

IDF: Iranian troops fired missile at Israel as a warning against future attacks

Army says launch meant to deter Israel from striking Iran’s forces in Syria … [Read more...]

IDF: With explosives and ‘liquid,’ cross-border tunnels from Kafr Kila destroyed

Operation to find and eliminate more tunnels continues … [Read more...]

Action in Syria

IDF will not hesitate to take action against Iran in Syria or elsewhere … [Read more...]

IDF starts sealing Hezbollah attack tunnels, says process will ‘take time’

Netanyahu says military using ‘special means’ to neutralize passages … [Read more...]

IDF releases seismic audio of Hezbollah digging into Israel

A glimpse into engineers and intel soldiers searching for attack tunnels … [Read more...]

IDF: Hezbollah aimed to use tunnels to cut off Metulla, start war

Seismic sensors helped find cross-border underground infrastructure … [Read more...]

IDF amasses troops along border with Gaza ahead of escalation

‘IDF determined to fulfill its mission of defending Israeli citizens’ … [Read more...]

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