IDF officer: Killing Nasrallah would mean victory in war against Hezbollah

Amid rumors of preemptive strike on Iranian missile factory … [Read more...]

IDF officer dismissed for failing to intervene in terrorist attack

Officer failed to act in Jerusalem shooting attack that killed two people … [Read more...]

IDF officer seriously wounded by bombs at West Bank checkpoint

Four pipe bombs explode outside Palestinian village as troops approach … [Read more...]

IDF officer attacked by Jewish settlers near Hebron

Army liaison assaulted when he came to inspect illegal construction … [Read more...]

IDF officer: Hezbollah gearing up for war, just like in 2006

‘Obsessively’ gathering intelligence, though up to its neck in Syria … [Read more...]

IDF officer shoots Palestinian dead after vehicle ambushed

Incident comes at a time of heightened security in West Bank … [Read more...]

Hamas has resumed rocket manufacture, says top IDF officer

‘Armies come to learn from us how to minimize harm to noncombatants’ … [Read more...]

MK Zoabi ejected from Knesset panel for threat to Christian IDF officer

Lt. Shadi Halul on Arab MKs: Don’t listen to these racists … [Read more...]

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