Yom Kippur War: IDF chief ignored pre-warning about Egyptian artillery

‘Every fort on Suez Canal could be hit with 5,000 shells per hour’ … [Read more...]

Bennett rebuffs rabbi’s ‘insolent’ demand to fire IDF chief over female soldiers

Rejects calls for men to refuse to serve if not in male-only units … [Read more...]

Israel willing to share intelligence on Iran with Saudis

IDF chief makes statement to Saudi newspaper 'Elaph' … [Read more...]

Russia: Moscow never promised withdrawal of Iranian troops from Syria

IDF chief meets with top US general to discuss Iranian moves in Syria … [Read more...]

IDF chief: Women have a unique role in the navy

32 cadets, including two women, graduate from officers course … [Read more...]

IDF chief undergoes surgery to remove cancerous prostate tumor

Eisenkot’s benign growth found months ago; deputyYair Golan substitutes … [Read more...]

IDF chief: 50,000 Palestinians enter Israel illegally each day

Gadi Eisenkot calls for completion of West Bank security barrier … [Read more...]

IDF chief okays appointment of controversial top rabbi

Despite statements condoning rape in wartime, opposing drafting of women … [Read more...]

IDF chief: Our offer to scale back West Bank activity is not in lieu of peace talks

Eisenkot says Palestinians’ dire economic straits driving many attackers … [Read more...]

IDF chief orders off-duty soldiers to keep guns with them after deadly stabbing

Chain of events that led to soldier’s murder to be examined … [Read more...]

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