Palestinians take Khan al-Ahmar case to ICC

Anti-evacuation activists establish ‘new neighborhood’ near site … [Read more...]

International Court prosecutor reaffirms she won’t open Gaza flotilla probe

Fatou Bensouda says incident not serious enough for ICC to handle … [Read more...]

Hamas publicly executes three Palestinians by firing squad, hanging

PA threatens Hamas with war crimes charges before the ICC … [Read more...]

ICC asks South Africa to explain failure to arrest Bashir

Sudanese president  is accused of masterminding genocide in Darfur … [Read more...]

ICC prosecutor to weigh ‘Mavi Marmara’ war crimes allegations against IDF

Decision puts ICC closest ever to intervening in Israeli-Arab conflict … [Read more...]

Palestinians submit first Gaza war material against Israel to ICC

Move aims to speed up Hague court inquiry into alleged abuses … [Read more...]

PA set to submit report at The Hague; Israel hopes ICC won’t fall into trap

Foreign Ministry: Step is ‘nothing more than Palestinian public relations’ … [Read more...]

US military law experts: IDF Gaza targeting complied with international law

US report, with inside IDF operations access, could impact ICC on Gaza war … [Read more...]

Palestinians attempting to fast track war crimes suits against Israel at ICC

ICC looking into all events in Palestinian territories as of June 13, 2014 … [Read more...]

ICC welcomes ‘State of Palestine’ as 123rd member at ceremony

PA: ‘World is a step closer to ending a long era of impunity and injustice’ … [Read more...]

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