Iraqi Christians seek to rebuild ancient heartland

As ISIS uses thousands of hostages as human shields in Mosul … [Read more...]

Parents of Daniel Tragerman urge Ban to denounce Hamas war crimes

Family of slain child wants UN to probe terrorists’ use of human shields … [Read more...]

How to assure another Gaza war in two years: a 12-step program

Hamas will again employ its ‘dead baby strategy’ of human shields … [Read more...]

Captured Hamas manual shows how to use human shields

Manual discusses benefits when its own civilians' homes destroyed … [Read more...]

How Gaza perverts the army’s rules of engagement

Israel has tough choices as terrorists use human shields … [Read more...]

Journalists threatened by Hamas for reporting use of human shields

Reporters expelled for posts on use of civilian sites to attack Israel … [Read more...]

Obama is abandoning Israel

Most civilian casualties in Gaza due to Hamas using human shields … [Read more...]

Netanyahu on ABC: Hamas commits double war crime using human shields

‘Hamas hides behind Palestinian civilians to attack Israeli civilians’ … [Read more...]

Rockets downed over Tel Aviv as Israeli forces hammer Gaza

As Gaza rocket fire intensifies, Hamas lauds use of human shields … [Read more...]

Syrian rebels used civilians as human shields, bombed churches, says HRW

Both sides involved in executions, indiscriminate shelling, sniper attacks … [Read more...]

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