Ultra-Orthodox protest campaign compares IDF draft to Holocaust

Posters show haredi recruits walking into Auschwitz … [Read more...]

Dueling homage paid to Holocaust, Palestinian victims at UNESCO

UN body disavows Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Risking everything to defy the Nazis

Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp saved over 100 Czech Jews from Holocaust … [Read more...]

Yad Vashem issues clarification on Holocaust, in apparent Trump rebuke

‘Holocaust was the unprecedented genocide of 6 million Jews’ … [Read more...]

Trump forgets ‘never forget’

President’s omission of Jews from Holocaust was no careless Tweet … [Read more...]

Citing Holocaust, Deri calls for emergency UN debate on Syria

Interior minister says that, ‘as Jews, we cannot ignore these atrocities’ … [Read more...]

‘Axing Hamas from terrorist list would be lowest blow to Jews since Holocaust’

Hamas charter states they aspire to the genocide of Jewish people worldwide … [Read more...]

Lithuanian death camp is now a wedding venue

Remains of 5,000 murdered Jews show denial of complicity in Holocaust … [Read more...]

The Holocaust: Many villains, few heroes

It is important to judge the responsibility of those with a role in Shoah … [Read more...]

Crazy like a fox

No, the Holocaust was not Husseini’s idea – but he was a partner … [Read more...]

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