PA TV preacher says Hitler was sent to punish Jews for occupation

The unidentified preacher delivered his sermon from Khan al-Ahmar … [Read more...]

Rodrigo Duterte is due in Israel on Sunday. Why are we opening our doors to him?

Philippines leader boasts doing to drug dealers what Hitler did to Jews … [Read more...]

Netanyahu accused of ‘absolving Hitler’ for Holocaust by blaming Husseini

PM says he didn’t mean Palestinian mufti told Hitler to murder Jews … [Read more...]

Iran promotes the blood libel against the Jews

Hitler led his country to barbarity – so does ayatollah   … [Read more...]

Truth is stranger than fiction: Hitler’s Jewish neighbor remembers when

Edgar Feuchtwanger was a child on same Munich street as fuhrer … [Read more...]

Wannsee Conference: Ninety minutes that changed the world

By MIKE EVANS Ninety minutes—a mere ninety minutes—was all it took for Adolf Hitler’s henchmen to determine the fate of six million Jews. During that period—roughly the time it would take to drive … [Read more...]

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