High Court: Shin Bet surveillance of virus carriers must be enshrined in law

Justices say security service can’t continue to gather location data without law … [Read more...]

High Court: Edelstein undermining democracy, must hold speaker vote by Wednesday

If Edelstein says no again, Israel will be in constitutional crisis … [Read more...]

High Court okays demolition of West Bank Bedouin village

Razing of Khan al-Ahmar aims to bring end to years-long legal battle … [Read more...]

State says use of live fire in Gaza protests within Israeli, international law

Tells High Court border fence rioting part of armed conflict with enemy … [Read more...]

High Court temporarily freezes African migrant deportations

Court intends on issuing a final decision before April 1 … [Read more...]

High Court rules squatting settlers must evacuate Hebron building

15 families failed to prove their legal purchase of Machpela House … [Read more...]

High Court delays demolition of 15 homes in Netiv Ha’avot outpost

But rejects request to spare six of the houses partly built illegally … [Read more...]

High Court demands update on upgrades to Western Wall egalitarian section

Women of the Wall’s worship subject to severe harassment by ultra-Orthodox … [Read more...]

Justice minister wants High Court to stop ruling on Palestinian land claims

Ayelet Shaked would transfer jurisdiction to Jerusalem District Court … [Read more...]

Bad Shabbat law

Ignores High Court letting local governments have groceries open on Sabbath … [Read more...]

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