Iran builds new secret missile site in Syria for Hezbollah

Iran, Syria and Hezbollah build a missile factory in Syrian town of Safita … [Read more...]

Operation Northern Shield’s goals – and Trump’s disservice to Israel

Hezbollah has a long history of digging underground bunkers and tunnels … [Read more...]

Israel won’t go to war, it knows the consequences, Hezbollah says

Lebanese media downplay operation as an internal Israeli issue … [Read more...]

Bolton: US ‘strongly supports’ anti-tunnel operation in Israel’s North

National security adviser warns Hezbollah not to exacerbate situation … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Trump gave me guarantees about freedom of Israeli operations in Syria

PM says Israel will act to prevent Iranian advanced arms reaching Hezbollah … [Read more...]

Nasrallah: Despite Israel’s efforts, Hezbollah has acquired ‘precision missiles’

Says Israeli strikes in Syria have failed to thwart weapons deliveries … [Read more...]

Hariri calls for justice at trial of Hezbollah men suspected of killing father

Incoming Lebanese PM tells UN tribunal Hezbollah won’t hand over suspects … [Read more...]

As 30-foot-tall border wall goes up, IDF says Hezbollah, Lebanese army colluding

Senior officer sees serious threat in terrorist group’s border infiltration units … [Read more...]

IDF’s Golani Brigade finishes drill simulating war with Hezbollah

Hezbollah called ‘the strongest army in the Middle East after the IDF’ … [Read more...]

Islamic State attack leaves Syrian Druze reeling from largest losses of war

246 members of minority group killed; Russia, Hezbollah condemn assault … [Read more...]

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