Western Wall plaza dig reveals structures dating back to Herod

Lavish public buildings found 20 meters from, not under, Temple Mount … [Read more...]

How Herod the tyrant saved the Olympics

A brutal despot spent a fortune to preserve games millennia before Putin … [Read more...]

Herod’s mountain hideaway

This wild king built a summer palace to remember a battle he'd never forget … [Read more...]

Herod gets his 15 minutes

A preview of the Israel Museum’s new exhibit on the hated Jewish king who ruled Judea for Rome … [Read more...]

Israel to reconstruct King Herod’s tomb

Herodium, the biblical monarch’s monumental palace and tomb, will be rebuilt near Bethlehem … [Read more...]

Herod started the Temple, but great grandson finished the job

    By Arieh O’Sullivan (The Media Line) It turns out that the Western Wall of the ancient Second Temple Mount wasn’t built during the reign of King Herod … [Read more...]

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