Abbas book tying Nazism to Zionism to be translated to Hebrew

Abbas claims Hitler and Ben-Gurion were ‘good friends’ in 1984 work … [Read more...]

Virginia mayor studies Hebrew in Israel while rockets fly

Michael Gillette is a one-man Israel advocacy machine … [Read more...]

You can oust your leaders too, Egyptian TV journalist tells Israelis

‘If Bibi and Lapid aren’t doing their job, remove them,’ Hebrew-speaking reporter urges Israeli viewers … [Read more...]

Jerusalem unveils mysterious Hebrew tablet

‘Gabriel Stone’ is most important Hebrew inscription found in area since the Dead Sea Scrolls … [Read more...]

Rita rocks the UN

Iranian-born Israeli singer performs in Hebrew, English, and Persian at ‘Tunes for Peace’ concert … [Read more...]

Druse MK wins prize for helping to preserve Hebrew

Kadima MK Akram Hasson is first non-Jew to win Golden Inkwell Word prize … [Read more...]

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