Harper says Ottawa attacks will not intimidate Canada

‘Canada is not immune to the terror attacks we have seen elsewhere’ … [Read more...]

Heckling Harper helps Arab MK Tibi become media sensation in Canada

Tibi gives 15 interviews and has been invited to speak at universities … [Read more...]

Canadians ‘taken aback’ at Arab MKs’ heckling of Harper

Canada’s parliament wouldn’t disrupt visiting leader's speech   … [Read more...]

Harper: ‘Through fire and water, Canada will stand with Israel’

Says Canada refuses to single out Israel for criticism … [Read more...]

Canada’s PM pledges $66 million to Palestinian Authority

Harper says he seeks ‘bright future for all Palestinians’   … [Read more...]

Netanyahu lauds Harper’s ‘moral leadership’ upon arrival in Israel

Welcomes Canadian PM as ‘great friend of Israel, Jewish people’ … [Read more...]

Obama invites Netanyahu to Washington summit

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—US President Barack Obama has invited Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to meet with him at the White House in two weeks’ time, the White House announced on Monday. The … [Read more...]

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