Cynically led and out of electricity, Gaza close to breaking point

Hamas spends on military infrastructure, complains Abbas won’t pay for fuel … [Read more...]

Hamas blames Abbas for Gaza power plant shutdown

PA diesel fuel tax cripples electricity supply … [Read more...]

Shin Bet: Hamas stealing Gaza aid from Turkish charities

Hamas funneling reconstruction money to terrorist group’s military wing … [Read more...]

Open up Gaza or it will explode, Hamas threatens Israel

Says residents can no longer tolerate living without an airport or seaport … [Read more...]

How Hamas is winning hearts and minds in Europe

Gaza terrorist group is building global infrastructure to challenge PLO … [Read more...]

In Gaza, the road to escalation grows shorter

Can Hamas withstand internal pressures to make a show of force? … [Read more...]

Hamas elects convicted murderer Yahya Sinwar as Gaza leader

Islamist terrorist group’s new chief seen as violent, unpredictable extremist … [Read more...]

Amid internal threats, Hamas may seek escalation with Israel

As Hamas prepares next aggression, people of Gaza running out of hope … [Read more...]

Abbas: Outpost law ‘an attack against our people’

Hamas calls law ‘organized terrorism’ by ‘racist, extremist Jewish state’ … [Read more...]

Israel offers Gaza relief in return for captives, soldiers’ remains

Hamas seeks industrial zone but isn’t ready to release hostages … [Read more...]

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