Netanyahu warns Iran, Hamas of ‘tremendous firepower’ of Israel Air Force

IAF chief: Israeli jets have been operating on five fronts in recent months … [Read more...]

PM says calm in Gaza depends on the Palestinians

Though Hamas has no interest in renewed conflict, the situation could erupt … [Read more...]

Hamas will ‘shut down’ US Embassy in Israel, co-founder of terrorist group warns

Mahmoud al-Zahar: Trump 'works for Jews' and ‘lives in Jewish home’ … [Read more...]

Rather than disarm, Hamas vows to attack Israel

Says holding on to its weapons is a redline not up for debate … [Read more...]

Hamas operative caught after crossing into Israel in September

Ahmad Majdi Mohammad Abid, 23, joined Hamas in 2013 … [Read more...]

Hamas labels renewed PA security coordination with Israel a ‘great danger’

Says it ‘distorts the reputation of the Palestinian people’ … [Read more...]

Peace conditions

Hamas must return bodies of Israeli soldiers and two Israeli citizens … [Read more...]

In deal with Fatah, Hamas said to agree to halt attacks from West Bank

Reportedly accedes to 'implicit consensus' on freezing violence … [Read more...]

Hamas: Unity deal is so we can all ‘work together against Zionist enterprise’

Terrorist chief Saleh al-Arouri explains rationale behind reconciliation … [Read more...]

Israel: Hamas must disarm, or reconciliation means nothing

Palestinian Authority must not let Hamas ‘Lebanonize’ Gaza … [Read more...]

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