Netanyahu, Liberman warn Hamas of ‘fearsome blows’ should clashes resume

Security cabinet meets but does not elaborate Israel’s threat … [Read more...]

Amid mounting tensions, Hamas urges Abbas to lift Gaza Strip sanctions

Appeal follows delivery of Qatari-funded fuel to Gaza’s sole power plant … [Read more...]

IDF releases footage of Gaza tunnel discovery, destruction

Israel accuses Hamas of diverting funds from residents for terrorism … [Read more...]

Hamas, Islamic Jihad praise deadly shooting in northern West Bank

Call attack ‘heroic’ and ‘a natural response to the Israeli occupation’ … [Read more...]

Hamas: Abbas foiled truce talks, should be brought to court for ‘high treason’

Abbas insists Hamas surrender its weapons to PA government … [Read more...]

Egypt summons Palestinian groups for Israeli truce, unity talks

Hamas wants cease-fire with Israel to include all Palestinian factions … [Read more...]

IDF strikes Gaza post after identifying gunfire; Hamas says shots part of drill

Terrorists deny shooting at soldiers, say 2 snipers killed in exercise … [Read more...]

Liberman accuses Hamas of sending kids to launch incendiary balloons from homes

Says Israel should stop targeting 'pawns' and instead hit their commanders … [Read more...]

Hamas, the murderous neighbor that demands Israel give it the gun

Lift the blockade, Hamas urges, so that we can wipe you out … [Read more...]

Gaza group vows to continue launching flaming kites at Israel

Hamas accepts an Egyptian proposal to end the dispute with Fatah … [Read more...]

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