Fatah says Abbas will be their only candidate for PA president

Hamas: Elections for presidency, parliament must be held simultaneously … [Read more...]

Israel blames Islamic Jihad for Gaza violence, tells Hamas to clamp down

IDF spokesman says Iran-backed terror group will suffer consequences … [Read more...]

Islamic Jihad, Hamas threaten Israel after Jews ascend Temple Mount

Muslims and Jews hurt as Muslims confront Jewish worshipers at entrance … [Read more...]

Hamas: Halt of fuel imports exacerbating power shortages

Israel cuts off fuel after multiple flaming balloons spread fires in South … [Read more...]

Hamas, Islamic Jihad: We’re close to open war with Israel

Terrorist leaders continue truce talks with Egyptian intelligence officials … [Read more...]

Hamas: Israel agreed to lift Gaza import restrictions on many ‘dual-use’ goods

Warns that Gazans could renew incendiary balloon launches, protests … [Read more...]

Dozens of Hamas, PFLP members hold senior positions in pro-BDS NGOs

More than 100 links between Hamas, the PFLP and the BDS movement … [Read more...]

Hamas: Chad’s relations with Israel a stab in the back of Palestinians

Iranians and Palestinians tried to stop Netanyahu’s trip but failed … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority foils Hamas attempt to convene Palestinian parliament

PA blocks attempt by Hamas officials to hold a press conference in Ramallah … [Read more...]

PA rejects offer to transfer Qatari funds to Gaza

Hamas says it and Qatar had made the offer to the PA … [Read more...]

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