Peace conditions

Hamas must return bodies of Israeli soldiers and two Israeli citizens … [Read more...]

In deal with Fatah, Hamas said to agree to halt attacks from West Bank

Reportedly accedes to 'implicit consensus' on freezing violence … [Read more...]

Hamas: Unity deal is so we can all ‘work together against Zionist enterprise’

Terrorist chief Saleh al-Arouri explains rationale behind reconciliation … [Read more...]

Israel: Hamas must disarm, or reconciliation means nothing

Palestinian Authority must not let Hamas ‘Lebanonize’ Gaza … [Read more...]

Israeli-Palestinian women’s peace march exposes Palestinian divides

Jerusalem rally backed by PLO, slammed by Hamas and BDS movement … [Read more...]

Hamas names 2014 kidnapping mastermind as new deputy political chief

Move toughens posture in advance of reconciliation talks … [Read more...]

Hamas says it won’t even discuss giving up weapons if PA takes over Gaza

‘In 51 minutes, we can hit Tel Aviv with as many rockets as in 51 days’ … [Read more...]

In overture to Fatah, Hamas agrees to dissolve its governing body in Gaza

Also consents to PA to taking over Gaza and holding elections … [Read more...]

The state can’t negate residency of Jerusalemites working with Hamas

High Court orders state to explain why it is holding terrorists’ bodies … [Read more...]

Hamas ponies up for fuel from Egypt, seeking to boost power in Gaza

Terrorist regime buys $25 million of diesel for six daily hours of current … [Read more...]

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