Targeted killings credited with convincing Hamas leaders to negotiate

Israel has threatened to assassinate them if Gaza border violence continues … [Read more...]

Latest tunnel strike puts Hamas leaders in a tough spot with Cairo

Group will have hard time explaining why it built new attack tunnel … [Read more...]

PA warns Hamas: Don’t attack Palestinian security forces in West Bank

Warning in response to threats by Hamas leaders … [Read more...]

Hamas leaders praise Tel Aviv stabbing attack as ‘heroic’

Cartoon depicting bloodied knife and Palestinian flag goes viral … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Hamas leaders are legitimate targets – no one is invincible

Won’t confirm or deny reports Israel tried to kill Hamas leader Deif … [Read more...]

Moral myopia

Hamas leaders go underground, purposely expose civilians to fighting … [Read more...]

Turkeys’s Erdogan welcomes Hamas leaders

As EU cancels parliamentary visit to Ankara, Erdogan hosts Hamas heads Mashaal, Haniyeh … [Read more...]

IDF arrests senior Hamas figures in the West Bank

Hamas legislators, top figures arrested in pre-dawn raids on homes in Nablus, Hebron … [Read more...]

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