Hagel: US to expedite delivery of V-22 Osprey aircraft to Israel

NBC: Israel requested fast-tracked delivery of aircraft … [Read more...]

Under shadow of arms transfers, US and Israeli defense chiefs holding critical talks

Russia supplying weapons to Syria, Assad sending missiles to Hezbollah, war ‘ten minutes away’ … [Read more...]

Hagel: Despite shrinking Mideast footprint, US can stop Iran

Insists region is ‘top defense priority’ for US and ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’ … [Read more...]

Hagel: US believes Syrian regime used some chemical weapons

US intelligence community believes sarin gas used by Assad; UK agrees sarin used in Syria … [Read more...]

Hagel confirms unprecedented US arms sales to Israel

IAF to get aerial refuelers, vertical-takeoff plane; Ya’alon hints at Israeli airstrike in Syria … [Read more...]

Hagel: US can support Israel if it strikes Iran

Pentagon requests $400m. more for Iron Dome missile defense system … [Read more...]

Hagel tells Barak US will keep funding Israeli missile defense

Despite financial constraints, administration will maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge … [Read more...]

Israel welcomes Hagel as defense secretary

US Jewish groups remain split on man criticized as being soft on Iran and hostile to Jewish state … [Read more...]

Huckabee: Obama must use Israel trip to draw red line on Iran

Hagel should clarify Hamas funding allegations, insists ex-Arkansas governor on Jerusalem visit … [Read more...]

Defending record, Hagel vows to maintain Israel’s military edge

Defense secretary nominee regrets use of term ‘Jewish Lobby’ in describing pro-Israel groups … [Read more...]

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