Trying times for Philippine Church, government

Country's bishops should stand up and say what is right … [Read more...]

The trouble with Israel’s Jewish nation-state law

A few words could have made all the difference had the government wanted … [Read more...]

Pastor in Eritrea released after decade in prison

Government goes to great lengths to arrest and eradicate Christians … [Read more...]

Government, not refugees, to blame for south Tel Aviv slums, residents say

‘They wanted to flee violence and work hard to support themselves’ … [Read more...]

Government reaches compromise over Sabbath work impasse

Netanyahu, ultra-Orthodox parties, agree to retain status quo … [Read more...]

High Court to government: Frozen Western Wall plan ‘can be thawed’

Justices favor implementing suspended egalitarian section … [Read more...]

Leader of Israeli Muslim group’s arrest strengthens him among Arab public

‘The more the government goes after him, the more he is idolized’ … [Read more...]

Government moves to end workers’ strike at Dimona nuclear facility

Scientists ordered back to work due to ‘risk to national security' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: No government has done more for settlers than mine

PM boasts at ceremony for new neighborhood in Beitar Illit … [Read more...]

Netanyahu and the Wall: He broke it, he must fix it

Government says non-Orthodox supporters of Israel overseas don’t count … [Read more...]

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