Israel welcomes record-breaking 4.55 million tourists in 2019

Leading sources: US, followed by France, Russia, Germany, and Britain … [Read more...]

Duterte says he’ll buy only Israeli weapons… because there are no restrictions

Philippines leader says US, Germany, and China impose limitations on arms sales … [Read more...]

Germany, EU, UN slam Abbas for ‘unacceptable antisemitic’ speech

German FM denounces 'history lesson,' asserts responsibility for Holocaust … [Read more...]

Germany says every state can name its capital, but not Jerusalem

Berlin argues that Israel's 1980 declaration violated international law … [Read more...]

In Davos, Netanyahu urges world leaders to act on Iran nuclear deal

PM meets with leaders of Germany, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland … [Read more...]

More tourists visit Israel in 2017 than ever before

Top five countries: the US, Russia, France, Germany and the UK … [Read more...]

Germany uses EU funds to finance extremist Iran-controlled group

NGO receiving ‘human rights’ grants linked to PFLP … [Read more...]

US skips Knesset meeting on rising antisemitism

Attended by representatives of Germany, Austria, UK and France … [Read more...]

Rivlin warns Merkel Iranian meddling could ‘sink whole region into war’

In Germany, says weapons buildup by Hezbollah requires Israel respond … [Read more...]

Israel blames Germany for European support of UNESCO anti-Israel resolution

Is Germany leading EU attack on Israel's Jerusalem sovereignty? … [Read more...]

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