Secret cables reveal US efforts to prevent 2007 Hamas takeover of West Bank

US security chief had less funding than Iranian, Qatari support for Hamas … [Read more...]

Lapid: US should leave UNHRC and halt funding

Since its creation in 2006, UNHRC has treated Israel with bias … [Read more...]

International funding of salaries to terrorists

The funding comes from foreign governments to the PA and the PLO … [Read more...]

Dysfunctional Israeli leadership failing utterly in battle against BDS

State comptroller cites lack of strategy, funding, failure to coordinate with IDF … [Read more...]

Large majority of US Senate pushes Obama to boost Israel aid

Funding to ensure IDF's technological advantage … [Read more...]

Boosted by nuke deal, Iran ups funding to Hezbollah, Hamas

Tehran increases support to proxies, while freezing out Hamas leader … [Read more...]

Treasury offers one-time payment of NIS 50m. to striking Christian schools

They are entitled to 75 percent of funding that state schools get   … [Read more...]

Liberman: US aid funds PA stipends for killers of Americans

As Congress weighs funding of PA if unity agreement is finalized   … [Read more...]

Histadrut ends airport strike following deal on security funding

Treasury, El Al reach deal over the airline's special security costs … [Read more...]

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