Friends of Zion building $100 million social network campus

FOZ founder Mike Evans mobilizes his base to advocate for Israel … [Read more...]

Friends of Zion hosts event to honor Guatemala’s new ambassador to Israel

Event attended by Israeli, Guatemalan, Central and South American officials … [Read more...]

Mayor of Jerusalem honored by Friends of Zion

Barkat announces intention to rid Jerusalem of UNRWA for incitement … [Read more...]

‘Friends of Zion’ building $100 million campus to defend Israel’s brand

FOZ surpasses 50 million members on social media … [Read more...]

Friends of Zion flood Jerusalem

FOZ set up a large, colorful display for the Feast of Tabernacles events … [Read more...]

Friends of Zion wishes Trump a Happy New Year

FOZ to award states whose embassies move to Jerusalem … [Read more...]

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