Iranian protests and the Church: bread, freedom, and faith

Citizens rising up against oppressive Shi’ite government … [Read more...]

Sharansky talks of freedom, and how Israel went wrong propping up a dictator

The former Soviet refusenik serves up analysis with a side of levity … [Read more...]

Pakistan might ban blasphemy laws after 60,000 killed

Brother of murdered Christian official says country moving toward freedom … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Middle East Christians subject to violence, persecution, and fear

‘Israel only place in Mideast where Christians enjoy freedom and democracy’ … [Read more...]

From David to Goliath

Palestinians fight for same thing Jews did – freedom, independence, identity … [Read more...]

Freedom on Mount Zion

No religious group should be allowed to intimidate another … [Read more...]

Sudanese Christian woman, enslaved for 19 years, liberated for $50

The freedom to express her true faith is a huge blessing to Ayul Aguer … [Read more...]

Huckabee lambasts BDS and peace negotiations, praises Scarlett Johansson

BDS ‘stupid’ because Israel ‘one place where freedom exists’ … [Read more...]

Religious restrictions on rise since Arab Spring, says Pew study

Hostilities and communal violence have increased, despite hope for greater freedom … [Read more...]

Peres to Jordan: We’ll honor holy sites agreements

Calls for calm after Jordanian call to expel envoy, notes all worshipers can pray at holy sites … [Read more...]

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