Islamic State gaining ground on Golan border as moderate rebels wither

Free Syrian Army on verge of collapse, running out of arms and funds … [Read more...]

Syrian rebels overrun intelligence base on Golan Heights used to spy on Israel

Free Syrian Army fighters seen in Quneitra near border with Israel … [Read more...]

Islamic State secretly near Israel border, Syrian rebel group says

Free Syrian Army says jihadi group making inroads near Golan … [Read more...]

Rebels say Assad transferred chemical weapons to Hezbollah

Free Syrian Army claims two weapons shipments sent from Syria to Lebanon in recent weeks … [Read more...]

FSA spokesman: Al-Qaida kills Free Syrian Army commander

Alleged killing signals growing rift between rebel units … [Read more...]

Free Syrian Army head claims Mossad operating in Syria

Rebel general says Israel’s evidence of chemical weapons use came from local agents … [Read more...]

Lebanese Palestinians entering Syria to fight Assad

Fatah leader in Lebanon denies that Al-Qaeda has infiltrated Lebanon’s refugee camps … [Read more...]

Syrian rebels take fight to Hezbollah in Lebanon

Free Syrian Army says it bombarded Shiite positions opposite rebel-controlled area of Syria … [Read more...]

Free Syrian Army rebels seize villages in Israel-Syria buffer zone

Reports that rebels, including al-Qaida terrorists from Iraq, take control of towns … [Read more...]

Free Syrian Army accuses Israel of aiding regime

Official says Assad is ‘the most loyal ally’ Israel could hope for … [Read more...]

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