Free speech

The right to state views that oppose government policy is democracy … [Read more...]

EU declares Israel boycott protected as free speech

But Mogherini ‘rejects the BDS campaign’s attempts to isolate Israel’ … [Read more...]

Rights group accuses PA, Hamas of abusing Arab journalists

Human Rights Watch: Rivals attacking free speech through arrests, torture … [Read more...]

Facebook apologizes for removing pro-Israel post

Following complaint by former MK about double standard for free speech … [Read more...]

The EU’s new normal: Kill free speech, kill the Jews

Europe needs a real plan in the streets to stop this scourge … [Read more...]

Will we acquiesce to terror and self-censor free speech?

Almost every Muslim nation suppresses freedom of speech … [Read more...]

A student scorns sympathy for murdered policemen – and her critic is attacked

‘Free speech for me but not for thee’ cannot be a great university’s motto … [Read more...]

Justices rebuke MK Zoabi over ‘unprecedented’ Israel-bashing

Arab politician’s call to besiege the country cannot be free speech … [Read more...]

Don’t let dissent be stifled

The measure of a democracy is how it treats free speech during conflict … [Read more...]

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