Police recommend indicting Interior Minister Deri for fraud, breach of trust

Accused of lying, obstructing justice, money laundering, tax offenses … [Read more...]

Police recommend charging ex-Netanyahu lawyer, others in submarine bribery case

David Shimron among those accused of bribery, fraud and other charges … [Read more...]

Jerusalem deputy mayor arrested in corruption probe

Meir Turgeman suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust, abuse of power … [Read more...]

Lahav 443 arrests senior Interior Ministry official in corruption probe

Population, Immigration and Border Authority official charged with bribery, fraud … [Read more...]

Interior Minister Deri and wife questioned by police for six hours

Suspected of money laundering, fraud, breach of trust and tax offenses … [Read more...]

In first, police say cases against PM involve bribery, fraud

Suspicions revealed in request for gag order on state’s witness deal … [Read more...]

Bezeq probe examines a web of bad connections

Ministry official, Bezeq chairman, CEO accused of fraud, breach of trust … [Read more...]

Cabinet approves Deri as interior minister 23 years after bribery conviction

Guilty of bribery, fraud, breach of trust; served 22 months in prison … [Read more...]

State indicts former chief rabbi Metzger in NIS 10m bribery case

Charges also include fraud, breach of trust, theft, money-laundering … [Read more...]

Court rules that film on Jesus’s tomb, marriage to Mary Magdalene was not a fraud

Grants massive defamation award to filmmaker Jacobovici … [Read more...]

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