France won’t sign Iran deal without military site inspections

FM says international forces must have access to all facilities … [Read more...]

France to push 18-month timetable for Middle East peace

Paris reportedly threatens to recognize Palestine should talks fail … [Read more...]

France detains armed suspect allegedly planning church attack

24-year-old noticed by authorities as planning to go to Syria … [Read more...]

Jihadists in Gaza rally against France, hail Islamic State

Hamas permits rare demo by rival fundamentalist Salafi movement … [Read more...]

20 sleeper cells preparing attacks in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland

Belgian terrorist cell linked to Islamic State, official says … [Read more...]

The death-cult ideology that France prefers not to name

Hollande didn’t want Netanyahu in Paris to warn of Islamist jihad … [Read more...]

Millions rally against terrorism in France; Hollande honors victims at synagogue

World leaders, including Netanyahu, Abbas, join country’s largest march … [Read more...]

Immigration to Israel hits 10-year high with record French influx

France tops with 7,000 newcomers; Ukrainian numbers triple … [Read more...]

Palestinian statehood resolution fails at UN Security Council

France among 8 votes in favor; US, Australia against; 5 abstain … [Read more...]

France calls for international Israeli-Palestinian peace conference

President Hollande says Paris has role to play in renewing stalled talks … [Read more...]

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