Egyptian diplomacy pushes France aside

Sisi sees Netanyahu as someone who can deliver … [Read more...]

Defense Ministry to unveil Israeli security technologies in France

Israeli pavilion will feature products from 30 Israeli defense companies … [Read more...]

France to hold summit on Israel, Palestinians on June 3

Kerry to attend Paris meet for 20 countries … [Read more...]

So what if Paris recognizes a Palestinian state?

France wouldn’t be first European state nor first UNSC member to do so … [Read more...]

Italy, France called hypocritical to host Rouhani on Holocaust Memorial Day

Paris, Rome Jewish communities come out against Rouhani visit … [Read more...]

Anti-Semitism drives record-high Western European immigration to Israel

Amid rise in attacks, 9,880 come in 2015, including some 8,000 from France … [Read more...]

Will France invoke NATO’s Article 5 to declare war on Islamic State?

No declaration of war shows EU’s gingerly foreign policy posture … [Read more...]

US: European anti-Israel sentiment crosses line into anti-Semitism

France had a 101% increase in anti-Semitic acts last year, says report … [Read more...]

France’s Fabius pushes peace proposal in meeting with Netanyahu

Hopes to promote French-led initiative that would relaunch peace process … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to France: Renounce miserable actions of Orange telecom

Calls on allies to unconditionally oppose boycotts of the Jewish state … [Read more...]

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