Israel hosts US, French navies for exercises on countering underwater threats

First time France takes part in annual drill ‘Noble Melinda’ … [Read more...]

France to fly first group of Syrian Christian refugees

30 refugees to be flown from Lebanon to France next week … [Read more...]

Women in politics

France, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Canada have gender-balanced cabinets … [Read more...]

Abbas urges world leaders to prevent US Embassy move to Jerusalem

Sends letters to leaders of France, Germany, Britain, China, Russia, EU … [Read more...]

PM to say yes to Abbas talks… if France drops peace confab

PA president says Netanyahu had no invite for Paris anyway … [Read more...]

Muslims attending Catholic mass across France

In solidarity with Christians, they insist 'Islam did not kill priest' … [Read more...]

Egyptian diplomacy pushes France aside

Sisi sees Netanyahu as someone who can deliver … [Read more...]

Defense Ministry to unveil Israeli security technologies in France

Israeli pavilion will feature products from 30 Israeli defense companies … [Read more...]

France to hold summit on Israel, Palestinians on June 3

Kerry to attend Paris meet for 20 countries … [Read more...]

So what if Paris recognizes a Palestinian state?

France wouldn’t be first European state nor first UNSC member to do so … [Read more...]

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