Amnesty International to US, EU: Suspend all arms transfers to Israel

soldier arrests

Foreign Ministry slams ‘racist’ report by NGO on IDF conduct … [Read more...]

Israel: We won’t lift Gaza blockade to normalize ties with Turkey

Mavi Marmara welcome

Foreign Ministry slams Gaza statement ‘equating crime with punishment’ … [Read more...]

Philippine envoy thanks Israeli government, NGOs for assistance


IDF, Foreign Ministry, Jewish humanitarian organizations all sending aid … [Read more...]

Netanyahu congratulates Liberman on acquittal, welcomes him back

Liberman Bibi

Yisrael Beytenu leader expected back in Foreign Ministry next week … [Read more...]

Avigdor Liberman acquitted in fraud case, will return to Foreign Ministry

Liberman smiling

‘It’s behind me now,’ says former FM, after unanimous verdict … [Read more...]

Israel calls on Council of Europe to rescind anti-circumcision resolution


Foreign Ministry slams resolution as ‘an intolerable attack’ … [Read more...]

UN accredits NGO whose head is ‘glad to be labeled anti-Semitic’

Mahathir Mohamad

Endorsement of group chaired by Malaysian ex-PM ‘comes as no surprise,’ says  Foreign Ministry … [Read more...]

UN holds Israel-led panel on entrepreneurship

UN entrepreneurs

Part of Foreign Ministry effort to brand country as center for knowledge and creativity … [Read more...]

Israel worried after Austria leaves UN Golan force

UN Golan 2

Ban Ki-moon urgently looking for replacements; Foreign Ministry regrets Austrian decision to leave … [Read more...]

Is Jerusalem really negotiable?

cloudy Dome

A former Foreign Ministry official takes on the complex history of negotiations over Jerusalem … [Read more...]

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