Israel armed rebels in south Syria for years in effort to block Iran

Fighters say Jewish state provided them with funding and weapons from 2013 … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority slams anti-Pay-for-Slay law

‘Declaration of war against Palestinian people, prisoners, martyrs’ … [Read more...]

Israel reportedly strikes Hezbollah positions in Syria, killing 13

Unconfirmed reports say eight fighters, five Syrian soldiers die in raids … [Read more...]

Islamic State fighters talk of buying Yazidi girls as slaves for $100-$300

Younger girls, and those with green or blue eyes, more highly valued … [Read more...]

Syrian rebels overrun intelligence base on Golan Heights used to spy on Israel

Free Syrian Army fighters seen in Quneitra near border with Israel … [Read more...]

Islamic State fighters ‘three times as many’ as CIA feared

10 Arab countries to join US in fighting Islamic State … [Read more...]

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