Bill would deduct ‘martyr’ stipends from Palestinian tax revenues

Calls for withholding a billion shekels Ramallah pays terrorists, families … [Read more...]

Libya: where Egyptian Christians risk everything

Families have learned to live in a country that hates them … [Read more...]

In defiance of Israeli law, polygamy sanctioned by top rabbis

Claim this helps single women have families, counters demographic trends … [Read more...]

Families of 500 Ethiopian Israeli IDF soldiers to be brought to Israel

Ministry intends to bring all 7,000 waiting Ethiopian Jews to Israel … [Read more...]

Holocaust survivor repays ultimate debt via rescue of Syrian Christians

Former refugee funds airlift of families to Europe from Islamic State area … [Read more...]

Sad Christmas for families of Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya

No news of four Coptic Christians taken off bus on way home … [Read more...]

American victims of synagogue attack include rabbi from ‘family of princes’

Rabbi Moshe Twersky scion of two of Orthodoxy’s most famous families … [Read more...]

Bishop: 90% of Orthodox Christians in Iraq displaced

30 families out of 600 remain in Baghdad; fewer than 10 left in Mosul … [Read more...]

Jerusalem court: PA must compensate families for 2001 terrorist attack

Judge finds convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti knew of attack … [Read more...]

Thousands celebrate Purim in Holon at the ‘Mother of all Adloyadas’

Annual Purim parade, country's largest, is a fun time for families … [Read more...]

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