Iranian protests and the Church: bread, freedom, and faith

Citizens rising up against oppressive Shi’ite government … [Read more...]

Christian persecution hits all-time high worldwide

More than any other faith, but also with worst forms of persecution … [Read more...]

Two Christian pastors facing death penalty in Sudan for their faith

American Center for Law and Justice launches petition to save them … [Read more...]

Pakistan province bans forced conversion of Christians to Islam

Forced conversions from one faith to another are banned … [Read more...]

Egyptian Coptic Christians decry ‘blasphemy law’ at UN meeting

Christians are still subject to arrest because of their faith … [Read more...]

Libya: Coptic Christian brothers ‘targeted and killed’ for their faith

Copts in Libya fear for their lives after murder of two Egyptian brothers … [Read more...]

‘Every 5 minutes a Christian is martyred for their faith,’ watchdog group warns

Christian Freedom International encourages prayer for their safety … [Read more...]

Christians in Syria commanded by ISIS to stifle their faith or die

No churches, no crosses, no praying aloud … [Read more...]

‘Thank God we are alive’

Iraqi Christians hold on to faith in face of ISIS persecution … [Read more...]

Somali Christians fleeing Islamic extremists lose family, fingers

Converts from Islam in Somaliland pay a price for their faith … [Read more...]

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