Egyptian Christians fear backlash from Trump’s anti-Muslim policies

Extremists accuse Copts of being affiliated with the US … [Read more...]

Putin, Netanyahu agree to coordinate efforts against terrorism

PM and Russian president in phone call discuss Syrian crisis, extremists … [Read more...]

Middle East attacks on Christians cause for concern – Russian ombudsman

Says extremists who attack posing as Muslims discrediting Islam … [Read more...]

IDF rules of engagement now same for Jewish and Palestinian offenders

‘A Jew who breaks the law is an enemy,’ soldiers told regarding extremists … [Read more...]

The continued threat against Coptic Christians in the Middle East

Copts have always been attacked in Egypt and by region’s extremists … [Read more...]

Car of Palestinian professor who took students on Auschwitz-trip torched

Educator says extremists targeted him for his moderate Islamic views … [Read more...]

Barbarism 2014: On religious cleansing by Islamists

Extremists intend to eradicate country’s non-Muslim citizens … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Abbas not a partner in the effort to curb extremists

PM accuses Abbas of incitement after cabinet terrorism debate … [Read more...]

Christians under threat by Syrian extremists

US State Department condemns Islamist targeting of Christians … [Read more...]

Haredi leader: Lapid’s actions could lead to his assassination

UTJ: This man does not speak for us; police open probe of extremists … [Read more...]

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