Voices of Iraq

Minorities on the edge of extinction … [Read more...]

Christians and minorities in Iraq face threat of extinction, says rights group

Minorities in Iraq are facing persecution at unprecedented levels … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians fear extinction, see no relief from ISIS

Numbers fall to a few hundred thousand from about 1.5 million before 2003 invasion … [Read more...]

A cross to bear: the vanishing Christians of the Middle East

Communities that have existed since the first century now face extinction … [Read more...]

Facing extinction, Israel’s Arab parties move toward unity… and growth

Running together, they could win unprecedented support … [Read more...]

Like Jews before them, Iraq’s Christians may face extinction

Christianity brought to Iraq by Jesus's Apostle St. Thomas in 1st century … [Read more...]

We Christians live in fear in Syria

‘Our fate is under mortal threat of extinction, just as in Iraq’ … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians may face extinction, activist Maikel Nabil warns

Gap between Muslim Brotherhood and military isn’t as big as people think … [Read more...]

The silent exodus of Syria’s Christians

2,000-year-old community, largest in Middle East after Egypt's Copts, now faces extinction … [Read more...]

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