Peres could begin rehab if he passes critical days ahead, expert says

‘In a few weeks, a month, it will be clear if he can be rehabilitated’ … [Read more...]

Despite tunnel fever, it’s business as usual for IDF troops on the Gaza border

Detection system isn’t game-changer trumpeted by politicians, expert says … [Read more...]

Expert: Support for Kurdish self-rule in Syria will ‘kill Christianity’

Obama envoy tells Kurds they have a right to an autonomous region … [Read more...]

Media are Hamas’s main strategic weapons, says visiting US historian

Expert coined term ‘Pallywood’ to describe Palestinian obfuscation … [Read more...]

Expert: Waves of violence against minorities in Egypt will increase

Muslim Brotherhood taking out its loses on country’s Christians … [Read more...]

Expert bashes UN’s ‘politicized’ West Bank numbers

Claim that 300,000 Palestinians live under Israeli control is false … [Read more...]

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